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I did not expect planning my holidays in Albania, that I would have so much contact with Chinese language. In fact Chinese is one of foreign language quite frequently spoken in certain areas of Albania.
This is the legacy of close cooperation of communist Albania with China in the period of 17 years since 1961 until 1978. During this period China was the main partner and foreign investor in Albania. China supplied know-how, technology, built factories with the biggest metal works in Elbassan. Many specialists from China lived and worked in Albania for many years. It was strong incentive for local people to learn this language and it is still possible to meet Chinese speaking Albanians.
After the visit of Albanian prime minister Sali Berisha in Beijing in 2012, the official recommendation was addressed to Albanian schools to offer Chinese language as the second language in grammar schools and colleges.

Sławomir Czepielewski

Vice Rector for international cooperation at Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration. Very experienced projects initiator and innovator, father to more than 20 innovative high tech. companies. He was very effective in the international cooperation creating joint venture companies with American, German, French, Swedish, Czech and Belarusian partners and developing business long term cooperation with many Asian companies, first of all from China.