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The first outpost of China in Europe

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I did not expect planning my holidays in Albania, that I would have so much contact with Chinese language. In fact Chinese is one of foreign language quite frequently spoken in certain areas of Albania.

China takes a lead

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In my last blog I presented some ideas about increase of the position of China in world ranking of GDP. China has taken the second position on this list in 2010 overtaking Japan with USA only ahead.

Kiedy Chiny przegonią Polskę ?

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To jest dobre pytanie, ale odpowiedź zależy od parametrów, które chcemy porównywać. Chiny rozwijają się w bardzo szybkim tempie, a współczynnik wzrostu PKB jest imponujący. W ciągu 30 lat od 1980 roku do 2011 roku chiński PKB wzrósł ponad 33 razy osiągając średnią wartość wzrostu w każdym roku na poziomie 12% w tym czasie polskie PKB wzrosło tylko niespełna 5 razy ze średniorocznym wzrostem na poziomie 5,2%.

China-Europe. New Quality of Relationships

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I have just returned to my office from this very interesting event. The conference lasted for 2 days and was organized in the Palace on Isle in Lazienki Park, very close to Mysliwiecki Palace, the place of secret negotiations between China and USA.

Chinese for Europeans in the Polish media

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I am coming to conclusion, that travelling of our politicians is not useless. After visit of the Polish President Bronisław Komorowski in China and revisit of the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jia Bao in Poland the Polish media are much more interested in China. There are many programmes about China in television and radio, many articles in the press, but what is more important our Internet pays much more attention to Chinese subjects.

Sławomir Czepielewski

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