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New Stakeholder!

It is already 3 years since I have been in contact with  Associna,  the most active and important  association of young Italian-Chinese here in Italy.

The main goals of Associna and its members focus on countering disinformation, creating  opportunities for sharing and meeting people in order to value  the differences as cultural wealth and not as a limit for social cohesion.

Associna is also  on the web and in major cities using Facebook, forum, chat, interviews in newspapers, radio and television, public events and informal party to spread a new image in society: just check:

My pleasure is to inform that Associna has agreed to become a new stakeholder of our project Chinese4.EU, considering that we share the same values and same mission. Actually, we have cooperated to create a very important event in Italy which is called “Italy China Careed Day” which aim is to create a platform  and a network between Italian companies dealing and working with China and candidates (both Italian speaking Chinese and Chinese speaking Italian) who intend to begin their job career keeping in touch with Chinese reality. Any information about “Italy China career day” is available on the website: .


Their website has both Italian and Chinese version and represents a nice platform to share personal experiences on China, as well as press review and their forum!


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  • tonio clemente
    17.12.2015 20:41
    Hi , i am a new member, someone can explain me how works that s web,also the blogs
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  • john riley
    04.12.2014 20:02
    Francesca,jij ben erg mooi. you are very beautiful.thats in nederlands, and English of course.

Francesca Bonati

Fondazione Italia Cina (Italy). Francesca is a project manager of Chinese for Europeans project from Italy. She is experience in creating Chinese courses especially those for Children. Francesca has created many international cooperation with institutions from China.