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China-Europe. New Quality of Relationships

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I have just returned to my office from this very interesting event. The conference lasted for 2 days and was organized in the Palace on Isle in Lazienki Park, very close to Mysliwiecki Palace, the place of secret negotiations between China and USA. The result of these negotiations made it possible to open China to the outside world and develop cooperation between USA and China. The anniversary of these talks was celebrated a couple of weeks ago.

I hope that the conference, I have been invited to participate, will contribute to development of cooperation between China and European Union member countries, although it is difficult to hope to have the impact comparable to the above mentioned secret meetings. First of all it was not secret one and hosted many delegates fromChina,USAand of courseEurope.

Key note speech was delivered by the former President of the Polish Republic Alexander Kwasniewski. He emphasized the increase of the role ofChinain development of modern technologies and their implementation inChina. He had unfortunately to leave the conference due to preparation of marriage ceremony of his daughter on Saturday. She is the only child of the former President, and he joked that he had followed the one-child policy prevailing inChina.

The panel China-Europe; Mutual perception of power, interests and value was chaired by Dariusz Rosati the former Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, for the next one Chinese experience political and economic model, the key note speaker was Beata Stelmach the Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it was chaired by Pawel Swieboda President of demos EUROPA, the last panel EU-China relationships; adversaries and rivals vs. competitors and partners was chaired by Adam Daniel Rotfeld former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland. The panels hosted many specialists fromChina,USAandEurope.

I think that conferences of this kind are very essential for better mutual understanding of Europeans and Chinese. I have informed participants about Chinese for Europeans project and many were really very interested to join this project. I hope that Chinese for Europeans project will get many new users from many European countries.

Sławomir Czepielewski

Vice Rector for international cooperation at Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration. Very experienced projects initiator and innovator, father to more than 20 innovative high tech. companies. He was very effective in the international cooperation creating joint venture companies with American, German, French, Swedish, Czech and Belarusian partners and developing business long term cooperation with many Asian companies, first of all from China.