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Chinese for Europeans in the Polish media

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I am coming to conclusion, that travelling of our politicians is not useless. After visit of the Polish President Bronisław Komorowski in China and revisit of the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jia Bao in Poland the Polish media are much more interested in China. There are many programmes about China in television and radio, many articles in the press, but what is more important our Internet pays much more attention to Chinese subjects.

I have just come back from the National Conference of Communication Operators. The organizing institution of this conference is one of stakeholders of Chinese for Europeans project the Polish Chamber of Electronic Communication. This conference was as well visited by representatives of other this project stakeholders: Vectra SA and Toya., which are media market players.

National Conference of Communication Operators took place in Jachranka near Warsaw from 21st until 23rd of May. More than 200 representatives of this dynamically growing industry took place in this event. Among the guests were: representatives of minister of culture and minister of infrastructure, president of council for media communication, many members of parliament and senate, chief representatives of broadcasters, programmers, internet service providers. Among honorary guests was Solorz-Żak, the owner of leading television broadcasting company and buyer of the second largest mobile telephony company Polkomtel for approximately 4 billion euro.

The representatives of Mescomp Technologies SA were also invited to participate in this 3-day event. We were talking about Chinese for Europeans project, presented prepared earlier promotional spot and we distributed leaflets. We talked with producers of tv channels aiming at our target groups to help us to disseminate information about relevance and usefulness of tools available on our website. Two of them promised to invite us for interview and presentation of Chinese for Europeans project.

I am really surprised by such growing interest in China in our country. As far as I know the direct flights of the Polish Air Company LOT to Beijing are very well booked.

Sławomir Czepielewski

Vice Rector for international cooperation at Warsaw Academy of Computer Science, Management and Administration. Very experienced projects initiator and innovator, father to more than 20 innovative high tech. companies. He was very effective in the international cooperation creating joint venture companies with American, German, French, Swedish, Czech and Belarusian partners and developing business long term cooperation with many Asian companies, first of all from China.