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What do you think, which language will be the most popular language in the world for 10, 20 or 30 years? Are you sure that this will be still English? Nothing could be more wrong in thinking people about future language. Our future is Chinese. This language will be more and more popular in the near future.

Even today people are looking an alternative for learning online Chinese. This was the reason why 6 institutions decided to create an online course called Chinese for Europeans. This is a course dedicated to four different target groups but it may be used by all users acquainted with new technologies. Why is that so? For example Chinese for tourist which is actually also used by all other target groups was prepared with a very brand new methodology as mobile learning. Of course we my find in the internet many similar applications but Chinese for Europeans was prepared by leading linguists from the wholeEuropein the field of learning Chinese. It was prepared by professional teaching in primarily schools, at universities and teachers who teach Chinese at professional courses.

Stay with us with a couple of weeks. We start counting J Please visit our website as well as Facebook profile where we will inform about beginning of all courses. Please be in touch with us, we have some surprises for our users…

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  • Raimo Pullat
    10.06.2013 16:04
    In my opinion you are right.

Małgosia Jendryczka

Mescomp Technologies (Poland). Małgorzata is Project Manager of Chinese for Europeans project, responsible for managing an international environment, motivating and coordinating team spirit and supervising of the implementation of timetables.