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Recently one could have noticed that Lithuanian media cover topics related to China more frequently than before. They have been talking about the growing interest in China and the Chinese language. Obviously, there are more and more business connections, tourists are travelling to China, Chinese come to Lithuania... As a result, a sufficient number of curious people start learning Mandarin for potential benefits in the future or no particular reason at all.

And I can’t deny it, but I would like to leave the question of demand aside. From my personal experience, more often than not the initial enthusiasm (typically surrounding the first weeks of learning) decreases soon enough. It has to do with various reasons, for example, the lack of time or opportunities, a daunting realization that one needs to put a lot of effort to actually learn something and the list goes on. Apart from these, mostly personal, reasons, the fact is that Chinese learning materials are still scarce. Furthermore, there are barely any resources in Lithuanian, making the studying process more difficult for both teachers and learners. Chinese for Europeans takes a step in the right direction and aims at offering all its products in 23 languages, including Lithuanian. One less excuse not to take up Chinese lessons.

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  • Faping Liu
    28.12.2016 06:14
    Hello,Are you want to learn Chinese?

    I'm native Chinese, I can teach you Chinese, you teach English. Let's make friends, and we can learn each other and improve our language level together.

    Could not use Google's Hangouts in China
    So , can you use the Chinese Wechat or QQ?

    My Wechat is faping168 , QQ is 523653108. If you install either one, please add me to your friends.

    Thank you!
  • Alfonso Arpaia
    25.04.2014 07:58
    Hi, Aistė,

    I have been living three months in Vilnius: Lithuania is wonderful! Now I live in Shanghai where I work as a key account manager and as a project manager.

    I would like to learn Chinese and I had started to do this but for the moment I had classes here in Shanghai only for two weeks.

    Would you be interested in teaching me Mandarin language, please?


  • Eryk Janiak
    17.05.2013 19:29
    I agree. Great idea with translation into 23 languages​​.

Aistė Dabulevičiūtė

Aistė Dabulevičiūtė is a project manager at Soros International House, Chinese for Europeans project partners from Lithuania. She teaches Mandarin Chinese for both adults and children, mostly at the beginner level.