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China for crisis

Γλώσσα ιστολογίου

Since 2009 the whole European Community is experiencing a serious economic crisis. In these hard times, many entrepreneurs close down their companies, others focus on development of complex strategies that would let their business survive. Still, we shouldn't forget, that there is also the other side of the coin, and even after the heaviest slowdown, the time of economic prosperity must come.

When heavy clouds start to gather on the economic sky, the best thing to do is investing in new skills, abilities and experiences. When things finally start to get better, this knowledge will be a priceless asset. Learning a foreign language is one of investments that always are worthwhile. Meeting new people, especially when they represent different cultures and points of view, also provides loads of valuable experience. Even the furthest and most exotic fields of human activity are worth exploration, since you never know, what the future holds. And the fact is that Europe is turning into the East. It’s time for China. There is no exit. We need to know Chinese. That’s why we have created a platform for learning Chinese addressed to four target groups. Chinese for Europeans is the first step to your success

Any questions? I am sure a lot! To be continued….

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  • Raimo Pullat
    10.06.2013 16:05
    I do agree