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Learning languages for free is nothing weird today. The question is which course in the Internet we should choose. There are a lot online courses which are not particular well prepared on the right level and right methodology. Chinese for Europeans is a course which is prepared by specialists from Universities and schools. This course ensures all users very good content and the right level of the language using new technologies.

Chinese online course is different than other courses which you may find in the internet. It doesn’t consists advertisement. In this courses which are financed by European Union that’s why authors guarantee the best quality of all courses and very interesting content for free. In this project there were prepared actually for courses which are dedicated to different targets. It assures ready solutions in various situations. Using Chinese for Europeans course you may expect a content for beginners prepared by specialist in learning Chinese and foreign languages in general using new technologies.

It’s worth to emphasize that we prepared a special module dedicated to business environment. It has been consulted with entrepreneurs. It’s very important in such courses to catch the context so it was a priority for authors to prepare all courses in consultation with specific target groups. We have more for all of you, but please be patient. When everything will appear on the website you'll find it was worth waiting for. 

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  • Marta Malinowska
    14.05.2013 20:59
    Profesionally designed course. I found here lots of interesting information.

Małgosia Jendryczka

Mescomp Technologies (Poland). Małgorzata is Project Manager of Chinese for Europeans project, responsible for managing an international environment, motivating and coordinating team spirit and supervising of the implementation of timetables.