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Identité culturelle comme un avantage clé sur le marché chinois

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En Europe, nous sommes souvent conseillés de s’adapter sur des coutumes locales afin de réussir dans les affaires en Chine. Beaucoup ont compris qu’il faudrait camoufler au maximum cette identité étrangère par se comporter comme leurs interlocuteurs pour se faire accepter.

Breaking the ice and the barrier

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Doing business in China with some knowledge of Chinese is generally accepted as an important factor. The same principle applies to other emerging markets such as Russia and Brazil. One crucial element is how to engage a work with native speakers as colleagues and partners.

Jun Gao

Jun Gao is researcher for Chinese for European Project in Belgium working from Antwerp Management School, University of Antwerp. He is also a senior consultant for investment project between China andWest-Europe.