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I wish I were 15...

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This time i decided to write my blog in english as I believe this is an experience which need to be shared with anyone who is interested in China. So I beg your pardon for my poor english!

Yesterday I had a very nice meeting with mr. Yu, vice secretary of shanghai Friendship Association with foreign Countries.

This is an association we are in contact since years (almost 30!!). and together we had a long talk about the possibility of studying Chinese in China, especially for children.

The association, as he remarked, organizes since years an international summer campus in Shanghai with many activities all related to China as well as Chinese culture and language.

It is not necessary to speak Chinese, but the only request is to be a child from 8 to 18 and being interested in spending 10 days living with guys from all over the world.

The experience worth the very first cultural shock the participants have, since Shanghai is a huge, wonderful, chaotic and unbelievable city of more than 14 million people living there.

Actually participants are accompanied from their arrival in Shanghai to the departure by the officials from the association who speaks not only English, but each nationality has someone from the organization who speaks in their native language in such a fluent and enviable manner!

During their permanence in Shanghai they will participate to many activities such as traditional Chinese dancing, calligraphy lessons, building kites, cultural visit to Shanghai most impressive and important places...

You still have the opportunity to participate, for any further information, please contact me directly at:

I wish I were 15 years......

Francesca Bonati

Fondazione Italia Cina (Italy). Francesca is a project manager of Chinese for Europeans project from Italy. She is experience in creating Chinese courses especially those for Children. Francesca has created many international cooperation with institutions from China.